A Black Silk Ribbon for a Classic, Elegant Affair

Hi Everyone – welcome to another JKS blog post! We’re throwing this post back to 2019 to highlight one of our favorite invitation packages from last year. We love being able to bring our clients dreams to life from start to finish – and that’s exactly what we were able to do for Kerry & Marc!

This couple knew exactly what they were looking for – a simple, classic invite that would give their guests a sneak peek into the elegant wedding of their dreams! From the minute we started working with Kerry we knew this package was going to be amazing. The inspiration pictures were to die for and we were so excited to get to work!

Side note: one cool thing about working with this couple is that they’re not local to us, so their entire package was done over the phone, by email, and by sending samples via UPS. We were able to complete their entire package without ever having to meet. Working remotely has become the norm in 2020, and although it can be hard to imagine creating an invitation package without seeing anything in person first, it can be done! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you’re not local! Anyway back to the story of Kerry & Marc’s invitation…

Once the package was designed, the assembly method was chosen, and all the paper colors were solidified, it was time for our favorite part of all packages – putting it all together! They chose to assemble their invitation with a classic black ribbon which complimented the package perfectly. The only thing we loved more than the invite, were the professional photos their photographer took on the day of their wedding. Take a look at one of our faves (that the couple was kind enough to share with us.)

And the fun didn’t stop there! Kerry & Marc wanted to keep their wedding décor on theme with the invitation, and they asked us to create a bunch of other items for the big day. Check out all of the extras we produced for this lovely couple!

We were so happy for this couple on their big day – even over a year later it still makes us smile knowing that we were able to play a part in bringing their vision to life!

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Til Next Time,


“It’s Written in the Stars…” and on the Invitation

Hi Everyone! J here – thanks for reading yet another JKS blog post. This is going to be an extra fun one for me bc the focus is the engagement party of a part of the JKS extended family. If there’s anything my friends & family know about me, it’s that there’s nothing I love more than mixing my JKS work life into my personal life!

So you can imagine my happiness when my brother and future SIL told me they needed invites for their October engagement party! I was thrilled not only bc I would get to celebrate two of my FAVORITE people, but also bc I knew we’d be able to do something really awesome with their invites.

I was so excited to talk to the team about their ideas, and we got right to work. The theme: celestial and whimsical. The inspiration was so unique, the designers were just as excited as I was to get started. We went back and forth with proofs, and landed on a final design a few days later. Now I must admit, I love all the invites we produce, but I think this one is one of my all time favorites (including my own wedding invitations!) Here she is:

We were obsessed with the final product. The moon on the custom envelope liner was the perfect las minute addition that made this invite perfect! I still have the invite on my fridge and the party was two and a half weeks ago! Once we finished the invite, we moved on to working on the rest of the decor items they wanted!

This backdrop banner was the first thing we started on. I loved watching people take pictures with this during the day (and forcing my husband to take a million pics in front of it.)

From there we started on a welcome sign that guests would see as they’re entering the party!

A few more extra signs for the house were the last two items we created for them:

Once all the goods were designed and printed, it was party time. It was a beautiful October day, and the party was fantastic. I was so happy to be able to help my brother and future SIL complete their vision for the perfect engagement party. I loved seeing everyone take pics in front of the banner or comment about the kitty constellation on the cat’s sign. We had the best time and I CANNOT WAIT for the wedding!

I hope you all loved these items as much as I did! Feel free to send us an email or contact us to get started on your next project 🙂

Catch ya later!


The Year of Postponements – Weddings in a World of Corona Virus

Hey Everyone! We’re FINALLY back with another JKS blog post. We haven’t touched base in a while, but I mean it’s 2020 so I think we can all agree to cut everyone a little bit of extra slack this year. Navigating our “new normal” has not been easy for anyone, and add planning a wedding (or should we say postponing or scaling down a wedding,) into the mix and it’s even more difficult. Although we don’t have all the answers to the questions this year has posed, between our own personal experiences with postponing our weddings, and dealing with all our couples over the last few months we wanted to take some time to share some thoughts with you:

  1. First of all, deciding to postpone (& then postponing) your wedding is no easy task. It can be really stressful, and even more emotional. All the planning and excitement that leads up to your big day suddenly feels different. Coordinating all of your vendors for a new date, and even in some cases deciding which ones to keep and which ones to lose, is one hell of a feat. But try to focus on whats most important: you’ll still be marrying the love of your life and beginning your new life together as a married couple. It might be a rocky road to get to the finish line, but you will get there!
  2. Second – you don’t have to postpone your wedding! If you have an open and honest conversation with your future spouse and decide that a small elopement and party is better for you both, then go for it! Not everyone wants to push their plans for their wedding and their future off in order to accommodate a large wedding, and that’s okay. External pressures can be hard to ignore, but at the end of the day your wedding is about you & your fiance. Do what works for you, and what makes you happy!
  3. A non wedding point we want to make is this – life can be really hard right now. As much as I’m beginning to hate this phrase, these “unprecedented times” are taking it’s toll on everyone. If you need some time to yourself to figure things out, that’s okay. We’re all learning to navigate this new world together, and that process is different for every person. Whether it’s going to the gym, reading a book, or just sitting outside for a little while, make sure you’re taking some time out of your day to take care of yourself. We never knew that this pandemic would last into the fall, and we’re all in the same boat. Life will eventually get back to normal, but for now just do you best!
  4. Last but not least remember that we are here for you. We can be a resource for your planning and postponement questions, or a shoulder for a short vent session if you need one. We know what you’re going through as a wedding vendor, and as people and want to help you in any way we can. As much as postponing was not what we wanted to do, we’re happy that we have this experience that we can pass on to our clients (and non clients.) It’s our wish to make this as easy as possible for anyone else that needs to go through this ordeal. Don’t hesitate to send us an email, a text, or a phone call if you need us.

Til next time everyone!


Assembly – the options are (almost,) endless!

Welcome back to yet another, JKS blog post! Thanks for taking the time to check out our latest post and keep up with what we’re up to! Today we’re talking – assembly options! All the different ways you can take your invitation & put it together in a beautiful way!

The first step to designing your invite is to choose the style of invite you want to work with! The options are almost endless, if you think of it, we can make it work. Here are a few basic options we have to work with!

Flat Cards

A flat card invite is exactly what it sounds like – it is one piece of paper with all of your wedding information printed on it.  You can still opt to have additional cards added to this such as a details or RSVP card.  You can also add layers to spruce it up, by mounting the printed piece on a piece (or two!) of metallic or glitter colored paper for a pop of color!

No mounted layer, single layer & double layer mounted invites

Pocket Invites

Pocket invites are good for when you have many cards and want to keep your invite organized, or if you just like the look! It is also another way to add color to your invite.  You can choose between a folded pocket, which has a flap to cover the invite, or a panel pocket, where the pocket is on the back of your flat card style invite.  Both of these options can be made with layers like the flat card option for some extra pop!

Traditional pocket & panel pocket

Assembly Options

After you have chosen your invite (flat card or pocket) it is now time to start thinking about how you would like your package to be assembled. Below we’ll discuss the many options we love!

For the folded pockets, closing with a paper seal or a seal with a belly band is a great option! The belly band can be whatever material you choose (vellum, glitter, solid Color, or custom designed & printed). The point of the belly band is that it wraps everything together and keeps the pocket closed. It is also a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your invitation package!

Mounted circle seal & belly band w/ mounted seal

For a Flat card (with or without layers) a belly band will work for that as well! Stuffing invitation, inserts and rsvp into belly band keeps it snug and makes it so you don’t lose anything as you lift if out of the envelope. You can even add a decorative seal to that as well! Seals can be cut to almost any shape you’d like, our most popular are the classic square or circle!

Belly bands over flat cards allow you to slide all your cards seamlessly in the back

Another great way to keep everything together and organized would be to use lace, twine or ribbon. This has the same effect as the belly band, keeping everything snug, adding a pop of color, and in this case, texture and depth! With the ribbon you have a second option, instead of a tie you can add a decorative seal to that as well, similar to a belly band style! 

RIbbon, twine, and lace assembly over a flat card

Another way to make you invite stand out among others is to incorporate a wax seal! A wax seal can be used to close your folded pocket, or to hold your ribbon or twine in place on the front of an invitation. Fun fact: you can opt to use scented wax for a wax seal! How fun is that??

Lastly, don’t forget about your envelopes! Be sure to consider adding a solid or custom designed envelope liner to your package! 

Wax seal over a flat card & pocket
Solid vs custom envelope liner

With all of these options (and more,) we can work up the perfect invitation for ANY event! We also offer all in one, clear acrylic & vellum invites! I have a feeling you’ll see some blog posts about these options over the next few weeks if you’re keeping up with our social media pages! If you’re new to our page (first of all hello,) don’t forget to follow all our social media accounts, or drop us a line to discuss your invitation needs!

Til our next post,


Goodbye, 2019 – you’ve been one for the books!

Wow – 2019 has come to an end. At the beginning of this year, we were just three coworkers who had chatted casually about starting a small business. & now here we are, business owners reflecting on our first year in business. This has definitely been a year for the books, and we wanted to take some time to look back on all that we’ve accomplished this year.

The most obvious of these accomplishments, and the one that we’re all most proud of, is just starting the business. We spent so much time talking about what we would do if we started our own business. About how much fun having our own side business would be. And one day we just finally said – what are we waiting for? It was time to put all our fears behind us and jump head first into this new and exciting challenge.

When we “officially” started back in April, we asked ourselves what we were looking to get out of the business. We’re all very goal oriented, and having a list of things to work towards was very important to us. Here is the list of things we wanted to accomplish this year:

  1. Participate in 3 bridal showcases
  2. Work with at least 5 new customers
  3. Break even & pay ourselves back for all the start up costs for the business
  4. Total spend at Merlin Printing (where we work full time and do most of our business meetings,) = $5,000.00

It is with great pleasure that I can happily say that we accomplished EVERY SINGLE GOAL ON THIS LIST!!!!! We are beyond proud of ourselves. The work we’ve put in over the last few months has been immense, but it’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that we’re living out our dreams, that we wouldn’t change it for the world!

But, it wouldn’t be fair to say we got here on our own. So a huge thank you to everyone who placed an order with us, to all our friends and families, to anyone who liked our social media posts, anyone who has taken time to read or share a blog post (yes that means you literally right now,) to all those who bought our t-shirts when we were just starting out, and to anyone who has mentioned or referred us to a friend of family member. And a special shout out to one of our biggest supporters the president of Merlin Printing (AKA the owner of the company we work at full time.) It’s not every business owner that would support the idea of three of his employees starting a side business. But he has guided us, answered every question we’ve asked him (believe me when I say there were many,) and even invested in us before we had any proof that we were going to make this business work. Our gratitude towards him, and to all of you is immeasurable, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

When I think back on the beginning of this year, I’m reminded of this quote:

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward

Amelia Earhart

Starting this business has been the most challenging thing we have ever done. But knowing what we know now about what we have been able to achieve, our advice to anyone who wants to do something new is: DO IT! Take that first step towards accomplishing your goal. YOU CAN DO IT! We are living proof that with enough hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Once again a huge thank you for reading out post and following everything we do! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2020. We have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a fabulous year!

xoxo – the JKS team

JKS (& Sometimes N!)

JKS & N at our final 2019 meeting!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and 2020 started out amazing! This blog post is a bit different from our usual posts. This week our blog post is coming to you from our graphic design intern, Nicole! She’s been providing some fantastic designs & ideas for us over the last several months. We asked her to write a bog post for us, and she delivered! Check out what our intern Nicole had to say about being an intern at JKS:

“When I tell someone I have an internship, I receive a mixed feedback. Some are enthusiastic to hear about it, and others-well others reflect their negative internship experience and assumptions onto me. What the latter doesn’t know is my personal experience being the Graphic Design Intern for JKS Designs feels nothing like an internship. Allow me to explain! 

When Sam asked if I would be interested in being an intern with JKS Designs, I was thrilled. I am very passionate about graphic design, but I feel that with school and my job, I don’t really set aside enough time for me to work on fun projects. I love getting my weekly assignments from the JKS team, and also having the creative liberty to show my ideas to them. I really feel involved, especially when I join their weekly meetings. The meetings are always fun (we obviously get down to business) & it’s nice knowing I also have a personal relationship with them. It’s very motivating being apart of something you feel welcome in.  

When I first started with them, I knew little-to-nothing about InDesign, but I have learned so much from what Kayla and Sam have taught me. During our meetings, I get honest opinions on my weekly work, and it’s so nice to hear what they have to say. From Kayla and Sam’s graphic design knowledge, to Julia’s “Wow! That is so pretty!!” (She’s the numbers/business person, but her feedback also helps). I admire these girls so much, and being able to work on something so big with them makes me feel like I’m contributing to something important.  Knowing that my work is shown to clients validates that what I am creating is special, especially when I get to personally hear what they thought about it. All in all, I hope more people start to realize that internships are great, especially this one!”

We’re not crying, YOU are!! Til next time!

-The JKS Team

Good Old Gold (foil) vs. Modern Metallic Printing

Who doesn’t love the look of shiny gold! A beautiful gold foil wedding invitation or save the date is sure to catch the eye of all your guests. It gives your card the extra “WOW” factor. I mean just look at this save the date we printed for one of our clients. The gold touches are the perfect addition:

There’s nothing we love more than a nice touch of foil. But gold foil isn’t the only way to get a hint of gold in your printed cards. The printer we work with (if you’ve been keeping up with our blog pots we have mentioned them before,) Merlin Printing – has the most up to date technology in the printing industry. Their Xerox Iridesse printer can print METALLIC colors! & they are the ONLY printer on Long Island that has this printer with these capabilities. We are so lucky to be able to work with them and put this technology to use! Although it doesn’t have the exact same look as foil, it allows us to offer a modern, sleek metallic sheen to your cards (& it’s cost effective for anyone on a strict budget!)

Look at the pictures below. The one on the left is a close up of the save the date in the photo we shared above. The one on the right is a close up picture of some metallic printed table numbers we printed for another client:

Both methods are a beautiful way to add a little shine to your cards. One cool thing about the metallic printing is it can be ANY color, and you can use multiple different metallic colors on your invite. We’re currently working with a bride who is having metallic silver and metallic burgundy on her invitation package. We can’t wait to share the final product from that package! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for some sneak peeks of that package very soon!

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Tis’ the Season…to Create a Festive Holiday Card!

Hey Everyone! Thanks for taking some time to read our latest blog post. This blog is a fun one – it’s all about the JKS holiday card!

First comes the idea: A JKS Holiday card. I mean we’re fully into holiday card season (we’ve done several already,) and we all LOVE the holiday season. So why not do one for ourselves?

Next came the photo: Someone had an amazing idea – we all wear PJs! I mean who doesn’t love spending and entire Saturday in your pajamas? So we got together on a chilly November Saturday, in our pajamas, to take the JKS Holiday card photo.

Then came the props: Add in some garland, a tree skirt, some other Christmas decor & mini pies and we were ready to go!

After what felt like 500 takes (who blinked, who moved, who didn’t make in before the self timer went off,) we got a nice photo together. Please enjoys this gallery of our (many) failed attempts:

We can’t wait to show off the 2019 JKS holiday card. The plan is SUPER cool and will showcase a ton of features we loooove! If you’ve placed an order with us or referred someone to us, you may even be on our Christmas card list. Check your mail as the holiday’s get closer.

As always – keep up to date with us on social media & we’ll check back in with you soon! Enjoy the holiday season!


We’re “DIE-ING” to Show You this Blog Post!

As most of you know from reading our “about us” page (which I’m assuming all of you have by now!), J, K, and S all met working at a printing company, Merlin Printing. With that comes a ton of perks. We have access to some of the best, and most unique machines in the business to make your cards, decorations, invitations and accessories as cool and different as can be! Take these thank you cards as an example! 

The center of the card is a piece of thick maroon paper, side one is the thank you message printed on white paper, side two, a piece of pink paper is mounted, and on top of that, the photo is mounted. At only 3.5 x 5 these little thank you cards already pack a punch with the layering technique. But so many people layer, how can you stand out?! 

Bring on the digital die cutter!

With the use of the digital die cutter, we can cut almost any shape out of paper, totally custom! This can be used for anything from custom shaped favor tags, cool shaped invites, All-In-One invitations, envelope liners or intricate pocket designs! In this case of these thank you cards, we used it to bring more depth to the layers. On the thank you message side, the words “thank you” were cut from the white paper, to reveal the maroon layer through the white, rather than simply printing the words

And don’t you think that cut out piece was left for trash! We then, very carefully, mounted that thank you on the photo side! For a total 5 layer design! 

Paired with a metallic gold custom printed envelope, this thank you card is full of texture, depth, and all around fun! 

Contact JKS Designs now (don’t wait another second!) to start planning your custom die-cut pieces today!


Preparing for your Design Consultation with JKS!

Another week – another JKS blog post! Today we’re talking about the steps you can take to prepare for your JKS order! Be it save the dates, invitations, seating cards, signage or favors, the steps below can all be done prior to your design consultation – so by the time you sit down with us you’ll have all the info we need to create the perfect package for your big day!

Step One – Determine a Quantity!

This can be done in numerous ways – but our favorite is with a spreadsheet (this will come in handy when it comes time to print your invitation envelopes!) We have some template Excel sheets that we send to our couples (depending on what they’re ordering,) that look like this:

Example Excel sheet for guest count – and later guest addresses!
Example Excel sheet for table numbers

Setting up your spreadsheets this way from the get go will save you lots of time retyping things down the road.

Step Two – Setting a budget!

Sit down with your fiance and discuss what you’d like to spend on your order. This varies from couple to couple and can sometimes be hard to determine. We often have couples tell us they “have no idea” how much invitations or extras cost. All of our packages are tailored custom to our couples, and we can work with (almost,) any budget! If you come to us with a number, we’ll create packages for you based on that number. Setting a budget prior to your design consultation is SO helpful when it comes time for us to quote your package!

Quick story for you – one of our JKS couples put together all the pieces they need for their invite package on an online site and the total cost for the package was OVER $7,000.00. They were so nervous about cost when they came to meet with us, but we sat down and discussed their needs, and provided them with a ton of money saving options. At the end of the day their package from us included ALL of the pieces they included in their quote from the online company – PLUS custom design , RSVP stamps, and assembly for a fraction of the price!

Step Three – Start thinking inspiration!

This is often the most difficult part of the process for many couples. Think of it this way: when you think about your wedding day, what do you picture? Do you want an elegant black tie affair, or a casual fun vibe? Your wedding invitation and decor is your chance to convey this message to your guests. Planning an invitation that matches your vision for your big day is our specialty! Knowing your wedding theme, color scheme, and even floral arrangements can be very helpful for us as we begin the design process!

& there you have it! Three steps to make all your ordering from JKS a total breeze! Remember to follow us on social media to ensure you’re up to date on all the latest and greatest info from JKS!